A haunting, contemporary love story from the New York Times bestselling author of Conversion

It’s July in New York City, and aspiring filmmaker Wes Auckerman has just arrived to start his summer term at NYU. While shooting a séance at a psychic’s in the East Village, he meets a mysterious, intoxicatingly beautiful girl named Annie.

As they start spending time together, Wes finds himself falling for her, drawn to her rose-petal lips and her entrancing glow. There’s just something about her that he can’t put his finger on, something faraway and otherworldly that compels him to fall even deeper. Annie’s from the city, and yet she seems just as out of place as Wes feels. Lost in the chaos of the busy city streets, she’s been searching for something—a missing ring. And now Annie is running out of time and needs Wes’s help. As they search together, Annie and Wes uncover secrets lurking around every corner, secrets that will reveal the truth of Annie’s dark past.

Praise for Katherine Howe's
The Appearance of Annie van Sinderen

"With aplomb, Howe captures the tricky distinctions of adolescence, especially the challenges in trusting one's inner voice. Annie's movements from past to present are hauntingly etched, creating an eeriness that lingers after the novel's romantic ending."
—Publisher's Weekly, Starred Review
"Howe’s latest is a tautly paced page-turner that blends historical fiction, romance, and the supernatural....The language is immediate and gripping, with a hint of sensuality; the surreal, eerie chapters told from Annie’s understandably confused perspective contrast wonderfully with Wes’s more straightforward sections, and Howe’s exploration of New York City, both past and present, is spot on."
—School Library Journal, Starred Review
"Katherine Howe knows how to get under your skin."
—Paste Magazine
"This haunted love story set in present-day New York takes readers all the way back to 1825, to an NYC of myth, magic and even more mystery. Historical, supernatural and modern New York all collide in this well-researched and highly intriguing novel."
—AM New York
"This strange and gorgeous novel is rich with humor, ghosts, art, and true love, but I think I loved it best for its characters: a group of loyal friends who ricochet together through the streets of a hummingly alive New York City, searching for a lost ring, a devastating secret, and, most of all, for the people they want to become."
—Marisa de los Santos, New York Times bestselling author
of The Precious One, Belong to Me and Saving Lucas Biggs
"Lush, twisty and spellbinding, Katherine Howe’s The Appearance of Annie van Sinderen will keep you up all night and not let you go in the morning. Utterly beguiling from beginning to end."
—Megan Abbott, award–winning author
of Dare Me and The Fever
"To call Katherine Howe's latest novel a ghost story would be an unfair oversimplification. Yes, there's a ghost. And, yes, it's a can't-put-down story. But it's much more than a young adult novel...Any discerning reader will be mesmerized."
—Associated Press